Mountain Meridian Wellness


How Mountain Meridian Wellness Came to Be

Mountain Meridian Wellness was founded in early 2019 by Gina Germano. Although the final nudge to take the leap was a combination of the right timing and personal changes colliding; the concept of Mountain Meridian Wellness was already years in the making. With a baby on the way and the support of friends and family Gina was ready to run with purpose defined from her many years of study.

You can say Gina's purpose began when she was a little girl still exploring and learning about the world around her. As she grew up she discovered a love for animals and the desire to help them. Over the years Gina studied and cared for animals all the while discovering her passion for understanding and helping people with complex health challenges including her own. This journey lead Gina to study massage, acupuncture, and reiki among the many other practices Gina has explored.

Gina started to discover a trend in healthcare and wellness from all of her experiences. Whether caring for animals or humans... care was always simplified and rushed. Essentially the mentality of toss some drugs at the problem and move on. This didn't sit well with Gina because she saw so many cases in which this just did not help and it seemed like no one would listen. I'm sure most can relate to this feeling of not being heard when you feel like you aren't getting the help you need.

So when the opportunity came up Gina knew it was time to finally provide the care that she believed people deserved. A place unlike most other chains or healthcare facilities. A place in which your needs are heard and the appropriate amount of time can be spent helping with the right tools. The challenges we face with our wellness will not be met with simple answers or prescriptions, but rather understanding and assistance in shifting our bodies towards a healthier state.

This is Mountain Meridian Wellness and how it came to be.