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As a Reiki Practitioner, I bring a meditative, centered state to the healing session and draw on my training and experience with a few additional energy-based modalities: Chi Kung Healing, Tai Chi, Healing Touch, Shamanic Healing. I generally utilize traditional Usui Reiki hand positions, summarized as 4 positions on the head, several on the torso, one position on the knees and a couple on the feet. Both sides of the body are treated with Reiki. The hands are placed gently either above or on the body. The client remains clothed and the session takes place on a regular massage table. I work with universal life energy, as a conduit, to help stimulate healing in another person. I sense where energy is flowing and where it isn’t, noting imbalances in the bio-field or aura. I allow universal energy to flow through me and out through my hands to the person. My perception of the energy of Reiki is that it is infused with compassion and unconditional love, it is connected to the heart chakra, and it is connected to the spirit or soul. I believe that any positive changes of the body, mind and spirit during a Reiki session come from within the client. My role is just as a facilitator, an extra pair of hands, in your own healing process. Possible benefits of a Reiki session are enumerated on the Mountain Meridian website.